Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Pet Oxygen Rescue Masks

Photo Source: Invisible Fence Pet Oxygen Mask Donation Program

Do you ever wonder what would happen if your home caught on fire? Not something that crosses your mind very often but a very scary thought indeed.

About 7 years ago, I was walking in a neighborhood while visiting family and I noticed smoke coming from this house. I then heard dogs barking in a panic and my heart almost fell to the ground. The house was in a blaze. We had a neighbor call 911 and all I could think about were those poor dogs inside, possibly being burned alive or dying from smoke inhalation. So what does any animal lover do in a situation like that? They throw caution to the wind and bust down the front door. Which wasn't easy might I add because it was one of those decorative wrought iron doors. All I could think about was if this were my house and my fur babies I would want someone to do this for me. My puppy dogs are my world!

The fire started in the garage from a faulty electrical outlet. I know what you are thinking "That wouldn't happen to me. My home is built sturdy." Well, the owners of this home wouldn't have thought that either - custom built home (I am guessing a price range of $ 700,000). Yeah, you think quality when you hear those numbers but still - a faulty electrical outlet.

My friend and a neighbor tried putting out the fire with water hoses before the fire department got there. The fire almost reached the car parked in the garage. If that would have happened then the house would have blown sky high and everything in it (doggies and all).

I was able to get the puppy dogs out safely but they had obviously inhaled a lot of smoke. Once the fire department got there they tried to give the dogs oxygen but the human masks didn't fit (were too big for animals). Human masks just don't work. The dogs wound up being okay but had to be taken to the vet for special treatment. Needless to say, I never forgot that experience.

Photo Source: Petmask.com
Recently I came across various companies that you can purchase Pet Oxygen Rescue Masks for your local Fire Dept. If you are unsure what Fire Department services your neighborhood then call your local Fire Chief's office or the local Fire Dept Headquarters and they can get that information for you. These masks have saved numerous pets lives that would otherwise have died from smoke inhalation.

Photo Source: Petmask.com
All of this started after firefighters mentioned their frustration from seeing countless animals die of smoke inhalation and fire related injuries. The masks were originally developed for veterinary use but have evolved into rescue masks for firefighters. What an awesome invention! :-)

Some companies that provide the masks or that have donation programs are as follows: PetsAmerica.org, Invisible Fence (donation program), WagN' O2 Fur Life and Pet Mask.com (Help Save A Life). Please check out their websites for more information and videos on how the Pet Oxygen Rescue Masks work.

The Pet Oxygen Rescue Masks aren't just for smoke inhalation. They work for any kind of animal trauma as well. Read here how a Pet Oxygen Mask helped save Zoe's (Chihuahua) life from a hit and run car accident. 

Photo Source: Petsamerica.org (Zoe the Chihuahua)

I called my local Fire Department today and was told that the station that would respond to my home doesn't  have the Pet Oxygen Rescue Masks on their trucks. I will be donating a few sets of Pet Oxygen Masks very soon. Each Fire Dept needs more than one set since they have multiple fire trucks that respond to different emergencies at the same time. Over time I would like to donate several sets to different fire departments in my area so they all will have them for animals in need.  

Photo Source: Petmask.com

Please consider looking into and purchasing some Pet Oxygen Rescue Masks for your local Fire Department. If you are feeling really generous then you (or your employer) might even want to donate money for other Fire Departments across the United States (bonus - all donations are tax deductible). What a great way to give back to the community and help save precious fur babies in the process! :-)

P.S. - Don't forget to purchase some Pet Fire & Safety Alert Window Decals too. They make great gifts for your friends and families with animals.