Thursday, July 28, 2011

Who's Your Daddy?

Have a mix breed dog? Ever wonder exactly what's the genetic makeup of your dog? I have two mix breeds (mutts) and look at them all the time and wonder. They have some really cool DNA Breed Tests out on the market today. Some brands have more breeds included in their DNA tests than other so research them carefully.

I found a great test that a friend of mine used on her dog and it came back with great accuracy. It made me even more curious about mine. I am going to use the Wisdom Panel DNA Test. It has the most breeds available out of all the DNA kits out there right now - over 185 to be exact. The kit has super simple instructions, arrived quickly and is very easy to use (per my friend).

Once you send the test off, you will receive an email in just a few days to let you know they have received the samples. In less than three weeks, you will receive another email to let you know that they have completed the processing and your pooch(es) breed report will available online via PDF. Super easy!

Wisdom Panel is running a special right now on their breed tests which you can purchase online for only $69.99. Plus, if you use the coupon code INSIGHTS10 (all caps or it won't work) then you'll get another $10 off so the test is only $59.99. What a great deal!

Wisdom Panel has other Canine DNA Tests available too. To check them out click here. If you don't want to wait to get your DNA test Petsmart sells the tests as well. They cost a little more money and only have a 170 breed database but you can get it quick.

Curious now as to what type of mixed breed you may have? Click here to play a fun, quick online game to guess what your dog's breed(s) might be.

Finding out what type of dog you have won't only satisfy your curiosity. It will also help you in determining what kinds of genetic disorders (if any) to watch out for. It will also help you tailor training, exercise and nutritional programs to your dog's specific needs.    

I am going to test our little Sadie and Macy Gray soon. I'll post the results once I've run the tests and got the results back. Can't wait! :-)

Monday, July 4, 2011

Keep Your Pets Safe This Fourth of July (Independence Day)

Happy 4th of July Everyone! Today we will all be celebrating our independence by way of cookouts, gatherings and fireworks -- an American tradition indeed! However, not all will be celebrating today. Many pets (especially dogs) are extremely frightened of fireworks. They will do just about anything to escape the deafening sounds that they will hear tonight.  

Did you know that more animals are lost on the 4th of July than any other day of the year due to the loud noises from fireworks? If you have animals that stay outside, please bring them in tonight. Put them in a bathroom or crate with a radio or television near by to help drown out the loud noises. Also, place an article of your clothing that you have been wearing (still has your scent on it) in with your pet. This will also help relax them.

Here are a few quick tips to keep your pets safe tonight.....

1. Do NOT take your pet with you to see the fireworks. Be kind -- leave them at home where they will feel safer.

2. Keep your pet inside tonight in a safe secure place in your home. Please don't keep your pet in the garage. The acoustics of the garage will magnify the sounds of the fireworks and frighten your pet.

3. Make sure your pets have their collars and tags on tonight. Also, if your pet is microchipped then please make sure that the information in their online profile is correct and up-to-date with a recent picture of them.

4. Do NOT leave your pet outside in the yard or chained up. Pets can severely injury or kill themselves by trying to get away from the loud noises. There is also the fear that they will dig under or jump the fence to escape.

5. Bring your pets inside and put them in a cool, quiet bedroom or crate. For added comfort you may turn on a fan and a television (or radio) to a channel that has a calm program on (like HGTV, Disney, Discovery Channel, etc) or a music channel like Jazz. The voices from the television will help calm your pet down and make them think someone is there with them. I have heard of big dogs eating through walls, tearing through closed pet doors and jumping through windows to escape the loud noises.

If you are home with your pet then keep them close to you to make them feel safe.

6. Leave a blanket or piece of clothing (t-shirt, robe, etc) that has your scent on it with your pet. Your scent will help soothe your pet.

7. If you find a lost pet, please take it to your local animal shelter immediately. Most likely, a frantic owner is looking for their beloved pet and they will be able to be reunited quicker. You may also want post flyers in your neighborhood letting everyone know that you took the "found" pet to your local shelter.

Have fun, be safe and don't forget to protect your pets from loud firework sounds tonight! :-)

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Sunday Smiles

Happy Sunday Everyone! This video is hilarious! The kitty gets caught barking like a dog. The funniest part is that once kitty realizes its been caught it starts meowing again like "Oops, didn't know anyone was listening." Too funny. Enjoy! :-)