Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Dog Saved by Firefighters

God Bless Firefighters! I don't think we say it enough. Firefighters are amazing people that risk so much for all of us. It is easy to forget all they do until we need them. Well, I am here to give a BIG thanks to all the wonderful firefighters of the world for saving so many lives.

I saw the video below on Life With Dogs Blog and had to re-post it. It is amazing!!! :-)

The dramatic raw footage of a dog rescue will make your heart soar. Firefighters performed rescue breathing on a dog that was found unconscious/unresponsive in a house fire. The dog was found at the back door in the kitchen, pulled from the building with minor burns and initially had a respiratory rate of 40+. Firefighters performed rescue breathing for approximately 12 minutes and as you can see, the dog survived. The owner was not home at the time so firefighters decided to bring the dog back to the firehouse for dinner and water.

Watch closely and as the puppy dog is revived she starts wagging her tail. So completely precious!

While I watched the video I was reminded of something. I did a post back in August of this year about Pet Oxygen Masks. If you haven't read that post click here to see it. These Pet Oxygen Masks are wonderful tools for firefighters to have on their trucks.

If you are thinking of a charity this holiday season to give to, please consider donating a set of Pet Oxygen Masks to your local fire station or another fire station in need. All fire stations and emergency response vehicles should be equipped with these wonderful life saving devices. :-)


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The Daily Pip said...

Thanks for posting this moving story!

Your pal, Pip

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Yippee to the Heros
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