Monday, October 18, 2010

Pet Howl-o-ween Safety and Awesome Halloween Artists Blogs

You can buy this from Cat & Fiddle
Okay, I know the first part of my post doesn't have anything to do with pooches but I just had to spread the word about these totally (and I mean totally) awesome blogs. Each person's blog is an artist who hand makes all of their work. They all have one thing in is all about Halloween. These artists have "mad skills" for sure. I love it all! :-)

I love Halloween and not in a creepy way. I love decorating the house and yard in cute festive things. I love getting the pups involved with cute outfits. I also set up a window seat where my fur babies have a bird's eye view of all the trick-or-treater's so they can feel like they are a part of it all too!

I don't dare just let them loose in the house while I open the front door numerous times to pass out candy. Not that our pups would try to run away...they wouldn't dream of it. It is the children I worry about. Two years ago, a few children ran in our house uninvited and busted through the baby gate (which I put up for safety) letting loose a dog we were fostering - who got out and almost got hit by a car. Over 45 minutes later, my husband returns safely with Sydney (the foster dog). He told me that he was almost hit by a car trying to catch her. Gesh!

Since then I put our pups in my husband office (which faces the front yard) and open a window (or just the blinds) for all of them to see out of...much safer. His office has french doors which opens into the foyer so they can still see me as well.

It is so important for us to keep our fur babies safe. They don't know any better. Click here for some great tips for a Pet-Safe Halloween from Home Again! :-)


jen said...

Great post! Thanks for sharing all the great information!

Minnie Moo said...

Wow, thanks for the heads up!



Minnie Moo

Missy Schranz said...

God bless you for rescuing animals. I wish I could do that, but due to lack of space, I can only take care of one very spoiled kitty!

I'm a new follower of your yours...I'd love a follow back!