Monday, August 30, 2010

Puppy Dogs Need Friends Too!

Our pups are little social butterflies. When we go for walks (a few times a day) they are always making new friends (dogs and people). In fact,  I think my little D'Angelo has more friends than I do. The kids in our neighborhood run to see our dogs. Our pups eat up the attention and beg for more. 

On one of these walks, our pups met a new friend named Chocolate (pronounced cho-co-LA-tay). Chocolate is one of the cutest little Chihuahua's I have ever seen. He instantly took to D'Angelo like they were long lost soul mates that have reconnected again. They are so cute together and love each other so much. 

Little Chocolate (cho-co-LA-tay). He is D'Angelo's Best Friend!

Chocolate lives one street over from us and visits us frequently (as I work from home now). Choco loves D'Angelo so much that he sneaks out of his house every chance he gets to come over and see Baby D. I'll find him in our front yard or sitting on our front porch waiting for us to let him in. 

Now, these two boys love each other more than two males should but I don't care. So what that D'Angelo's bisexual and his favorite color is hot pink. ;-)  I love my little man just the way he is and wouldn't change him for anything in the world. He loves the ladies, he loves the men, he loves them all.....He's my Loverboy!

Chocolate is over our house so much now that he is like family to us. I am now Auntie Tina to him. :-) 

Here are some cute pics of one of D'Angelo and Choco's play dates. Sweet babies.....

D'Angelo and Chocolate just starting to explore the backyard - side by side.

Woo hoo! Let's play chase! :-)

What's over here by this peach tree? We must check it out...still side by side.

Still exploring the back yard....together. Check out the look on D'Angelo's face (smiling ear to ear)!

Oh, we think we are tired now. Let's go inside and rest. Let us in mommy. :-)

Socialization is very important for dogs. It keeps them happy, healthy and well-rounded! So, schedule a play date with your dog's furry friend. Dogs need friends too! :-)