Thursday, August 5, 2010

Go Green In Style

I am all about recycling and trying to help protect the earth. Everywhere you go nowadays you here "Going Green", which I think is great. I came across this great concept for dog beds. It's called Molly Mutt. You take old clothes, blankets, pillows, comforters, etc from your home and instead of throwing them away in some landfill, you recycle them into some of the most adorable pet beds ever. Molly Mutt makes the cutest dog duvets around that you can use with your stuff sack or your existing dog bed for a fabulous makeover in just seconds.

My dogs love their pet beds but sometimes they need to be cleaned. By purchasing a few different covers (why not, they are so affordable), you will always have a gorgeous pet bed even on laundry day - not to mention a new fabulous look. It's also great if you have a pet bed in every room (like I do) or if you get bored like me and like to change things up from time to time. The duvets (which start at $20) are so affordable that you can do just that.

Molly Mutt dog duvets cater to dogs of all sizes and for people like me who have multiple dogs. The duvets come in different shapes (rectangular and round) and an array of stylish fabrics. Have a kitty instead? They also have pet beds for your feline friend too called Molly Meow.

If you would like a comfy, stylish, durable and totally washable dog duvet then Molly Mutt is for you. So treat your pooch to some fabulous fashion and help save the earth at the same time. Visit their website here. Happy shopping!


Shelli @ Style Ingenuity said...


Visiting from Boost My Blog Friday! I love the idea of the stuffed dog bed. I have a 2 year old Maltese named "Joey" and he seems in need of a new bed (he has outgrown his and sleeps in between my husband and I or at the foot of our bed). I am now a new follower through Google Connect.

Stop by and visit my blog at

- Shelli :)

Nesty Girl said...

Hi There!

What great dog beds! I love that you can stuff them with old stuff!

I am visiting from BMBF. We have four furbabies, too, except in our case it's two dogs (Molly, a terrier/schnauzer mix, and Tinky, a Yorkie) and two cats (Phelts and Junior Mint). Both of our dogs are rescues and we feel strongly about rescuing.

Your dogs are adorable! Have a great weekend!

Chihuahua Girl said...

I know, these dog beds are my favorite! Awesome concept!

Thanks for following my blog! I will check out both of your blogs too. I love BMBF. I just came across it today for the first time.

I love to read your comments and hear about your precious fur babies. Have a great weekend too! :-)