Sunday, August 18, 2013

IMPORTANT - Pet Food Products Recalled After Salmonella Scare!!

DOG and CAT FOOD RECALL (IAMS and Eukanuba Brands)...YIKES! In case you haven't seen this. Please share!

Below is the article published about the Pet Food Recall. If you click on the Iams "website" link below (in the article) it will give you the lot numbers, UPC codes, etc for all of the recalled food.

Pet Food Products Recalled After Salmonella Scare

The Proctor and Gamble Company is recalling several types of pet food because of potential salmonella contamination, the company said.

The recall is a precaution, and no instances of salmonella have been reported.

The products that have been recalled, according to Proctor and Gamble, include Eukanuba dry dog foods, Iams dry dog foods and Iams dry cat foods.

“Salmonella can affect animals eating the products and there is risk to humans from handling contaminated pet products, especially if they have not thoroughly washed their hands after having contact with the products or any surfaces exposed to these products,” Proctor and Gamble said in a statement.

Proctor and Gamble said it voluntarily took the bags of food off the shelves after discovering the potential salmonella during routine testing, and the food it recalled amounted to approximately 0.1 percent of annual production.

The Iams website said customers need to match up the product codes and lot codes with those provided by Proctor and Gamble to see if their products have been recalled. If so, they are advised to discard the products and call Proctor and Gamble.

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, approximately 42,000 cases of salmonella are reported in the U.S. annually, but that number could be grossly underreported. Symptoms in humans include diarrhea, vomiting and abdominal cramping, according to the CDC.

According to Proctor and Gamble, animals display similar symptoms.

Proctor and Gamble could not be reached for further comment.

The Food and Drug Administration posted Proctor and Gamble’s statement on its website, but did not provide any further comment.

Hopefully, no animal is affected by this. Please share. Thanks! :-)


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Our biggest thanks for the heads-up! All pet owners and lovers alike should be fully-aware of what we are feeding our pets. :)

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