Saturday, March 2, 2013

Do you need a Dog-ervention?


Curious to know how many of these signs do you have with your fur babies? :-)


Loving Max said...

Good stuff!Well, #2 and #3 for sure, would Skype him if I could, don't have a Mommy and Me frame...yet (ha!) but I do have a huge painting frame in my living room (I'm talking HUGE) and inside the frame are various pix of my kids...when I got Max...a kid pix had to go! Gotta put my Max up there!!!#6-Don't ink him but he telepathicly signs :) using Ma's hand. Regarding a King size bed...too big for Ma's small bedroom BUT...he does OWN the bed and I have his electric heating blanket, special Max prefered covers, etc. - Ok, that said...think I need a Therapist?!!?

Two French Bulldogs said...

Boy do we like that list
Benny & Lily