Friday, July 23, 2010

Talented Friends

A good friend of mine and her husband are some seriously talented artists. Darlene does wonderful photorealistic depictions of vintage neon signs in various states of decay. Here is some of her work and here and here too! Her art is cool, trendy and great for any room you want to liven up! If you are interested in her artwork then contact her here for prices.

Her husband (JJ) does faces, portraits and some of the most awesome pet paintings I have ever seen. A few paintings of his are displayed throughout this post. Wanted to show you the talent. :-)

If you have a cute fur baby and would like a painting of them then contact JJ (tell him, "Tina sent you"). He does commissioned work. A few of my friends had their dogs painted by him and the results were awesome!

I think I am going to ask my hubby for some paintings of our pups for my b-day and Christmas presents. I am so excited!

Check out their websites - Darlene Fuhst and JJ Ohlinger.


**please do not take the artwork without permission. All artwork is copyrighted and will result in copyright violation if used without permission.**